View of the Week: US Army in Charge!!!!

The U.S. Army was in charge of exploring and mapping America. The Lewis and Clark Expedition was an Army endeavor from beginning to end. President Thomas Jefferson turned to the Army for this important mission and authorized the recruitment of noncommissioned officers. Captains Lewis and Clark relied implicitly on the leadership of their noncommissioned officers. Click here to read about SergeantContinue reading “View of the Week: US Army in Charge!!!!”

Museum Field Notes

Learning from the Art History of Epidemics By M. Jordan LoveWhen medical students at the University of Virginia switched to remote learning, the school called in a curator from its campus art museum to contribute to a special course called “Confronting Epidemics.” Find out what artworks she suggested and what the students learned from them. Read moreContinue reading “Museum Field Notes”

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